St. Louis Cash Mob

Thank you for coming out today to support Local Harvest.

I know Local Harvest appreciates and is inspired by what you did today!

This is the last cash mob location we will reveal weeks in advance. To be in the loop about future cash mobs:

We’ll reveal the secret cash mob location one week ahead of time so you can help spread the word. If you join the Facebook group, you’ll get to vote on where we go next. You can also point people to as a place to find out about our events and those happening in other cities.

In the meantime, you can support locally owned independent businesses every day. BUILD St. Louis is our local Independent Business Alliance. Their website provides a directory of links to fantastic local indies in St. Louis city and county, such as Local Harvest.

When you buy from a locally owned independent, instead of a non-local chain or franchise in St. Louis, at least THREE TIMES more of your money goes back into our local economy. Local independent businesses have a genuine vested interest in St. Louis. When you support them, you’ll get a direct return in the improvement of our neighborhoods and city. Buying from local indies creates jobs, conserves taxes, expands the middle class, increases sustainability, promotes tourism, and more.

When we each do a little, we all do a lot.