4.19.05 – Green Rehab

April 19, 2005 @ Schlafly Bottleworks


Ralph Eglin Wafer, AIA and Stacy Kraft of Architecture & Planning

Ralph is the architect behind the rehabbing the EarthWays Center, discussed home energy usage with a focus on the high impact of furnace efficency.

Stacy is one of the founders of St. Louis’s CoLibri Urban Housing Collective, a recent graduate of Washington University’s dual graduate degree in architecture and social work, and is an intern architect in Ralph Wafer’s practice. She presented on the use of green materials.

Stacy’s Handouts:

Tim Montgomery of TMA Architects LLC
Tim is the architect of the largest green residential rehab in St. louis, the Culver Way Co-Housing Project discussed solar influence and lighting.

John Hoag
John worked on the US Green Building Council’s LEED building standards for homes and existing buildings and is the architect of the Community Arts and Media Project’s mixed use green rehab at Cherokee and Minnesota. He presented the various aspects of healthy indoor air quality.


EarthWays Center
The EarthWays Center, a three-story Victorian residence built in 1885 at 3617 Grandel Square (across from Powell Hall), was renovated in 1994 to showcase practical demonstrations of energy efficient systems, recycled products and waste reduction practices. Visitors will experience hands-on applications of sustainable lifestyle choices. $2 tours are given every 3rd weekend of the month.

St. Louis Rehabbers Club
The Rehabbers’ Club is a loose organization of people interested in renovation in the City of St. Louis. This useful website includes a comprehensive list of local contractors referred to the group by rehabbers. The group also maintains an e-mail very active and helpful listserve and has monthly meetings in St. Louis neighborhoods.

Energy Star
* Use their energy advisor tools to find out if your energy use is above average and get a list of customized energy improvements and the estimated savings.
* Also provides information and advice on improving energy efficiency every day and when remodeling as well as solutions to common household problems.

Habitat ReStore
3763 Forest Park Parkway (just east of Barnes-Jewish Hospital) Open Tuesday-Saturday 9-4 An outlet for reusable but otherwise discarded items – appliances, light fixtures, wood, siding, windows, paint, cabinets, sinks, etc. Also, ReStore welcomes your donations of new and used building materials.

Guide to Indoor Air Quality – US EPA’s comprehensive, plain-language online guide to all aspects of indoor air quality/healthy homes.